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                                                          Plates range

                                                          Cross Refference Brand Model Theta Cross Refference Brand Model Theta
                                                          Alfa Laval M3 H/L Tranter GC26 H
                                                          Alfa Laval M6B H/L Tranter GX26 L
                                                          Alfa Laval M6M H/L Tranter GX42 L
                                                          Alfa Laval M10B H/L Tranter GX51 L
                                                          Alfa Laval M10M H/L Tranter GC51 H
                                                          Alfa Laval M15B H/L Tranter GX18 L
                                                          Alfa Laval M15M H/L Vicarb V13 H/L
                                                          Alfa Laval M20M H/L APV N35 H/L
                                                          Alfa Laval MX25B H/L APV H17H H/L
                                                          Alfa Laval M30B H/L Sondex S65 H
                                                          Alfa Laval TS6M H/L Sondex S81 H/L
                                                          Alfa Laval TS20M H/L Sondex S121 H/L
                                                          Alfa Laval T20B H/L GEA VT04 H
                                                          Alfa Laval TL10B H/L GEA VT10 H
                                                          Alfa Laval P16 L GEA VT20 H
                                                          Alfa Laval P26 H/L      
                                                          Alfa Laval P36 L      
                                                          Alfa Laval AK20 H/L      


                                                          Plate material range